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It’s Now a Family Affair!

Homestead Dairy is trying to find ways to get the next generation involved. Creating Legacy Dairy in 2007 with Joel Gawronski, Brian Houin, and Matt Houin owners.  All three are involved with Homestead Dairy, each having their own area they are in charge of.  It won’t be long and the 4th generation will be involved!

In 1979 Floyd and Dan Houin formed their partnership, Homestead Dairy. In the beginning they were milking 110 cows.

In the Very Beginning

The Original dairy was started in 1945 by their parents, Elmer and Lena Houin. Milking 9 cows in stanchions.

Got Milk? We Do!

We have now gone green with a Methane Digester which creates electricity from our manure!